Friday, May 31, 2013

I just adore reading!!

I could get lost in a good book for hours! I would need to tear my self away just to complete the tasks for the day. I think that is why GOD has blessed me with kids, otherwise I would be a hermit somewhere.
I just received an email from Tyndale House introducing their new Rewards Program and inviting me to join this year's Summer Reading Program. Guess what, I wanted to share the invite with you!
If you use this code for the Rewards Program you will receive 25 points instantly & i  will earn 10 points also.  Hey if you love reading like i do, you might as well earn points right?
I know what you’re thinking . . . not another points program. You’re right! It’s not just another points program. The Tyndale Rewards program is designed to provide you with opportunities to get books and Bibles for zero dollars. That’s right—F. R. E. E. As a member of the Tyndale Rewards program, you’ll have access to inspiring literature, Bibles, special promotional offers, and much more.

Other member incentives include a free gift on your birthday, along with opportunities to share your personal recommendations and feedback concerning Tyndale products. The more participation you have with the program, the more points you earn—and points translate into free stuff!

The Tyndale Rewards program is a great way to get free books and Bibles that you can keep for yourself or give to friends and family.

                                           want to earn free books? check this out...

Tyndale Summer Reading Program
Welcome to the Tyndale Summer Reading Program

The Tyndale Summer Reading program is a great opportunity to earn rewards for reading and sharing about the books you read. When you sign up you can earn points towards free books by reading books listed on our summer reading list and then sharing about the books you read in a variety of places including personal blogs, retails sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc), and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
apply to Tyndale Summer Reading Program here
overall i think that Tyndale is a great resource for bibles, books & devotionals. i just love the parenting devo that i receive. but don't take my word for it. check them out for yourself.
Have a blessed day & happy reading!

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