Monday, May 6, 2013

i adore books

Free Open Book Cliparti do. i really like books. i can get totally lost in a book forever. i wish i could own a bookstore! but then again i may never go home!! i wasn't planning for this to be my second post, but imagine my surprise when i found this in my inbox...

{An author’s web site is like a bookstore. But too often people pop in for one quick item and never look around. We want you to browse a little. So with a good cup of coffee in your hand, click HERE, then look around. Get familiar with the other items in our “store.” You might see a different book you’d love or the perfect gift for a friend.
Our incentive is a FREE eBook for you … a different one each month. So come back at least monthly, and tell all your friends.}

Neta Jackson is one of my favorite authors, she has written The Yada, Yada prayer group series. from the very first book, i was hooked. Neta is able to weave together the lives of several very different women & their families into a very compelling story.  Dave and Neta had decided to give away a free ebook each month and all you have to do is answer the trivia questions to obtain it. what could be better a free book & a scavenger hunt to boot! go check out their website and find a couple of books to fall in love with! 
P.S. they have written many stories that will introduce our children to the heroes of the faith.
P.P.S this couple writes together, works together, and live together. who says you can't get along with someone you see 24/7?
May GOD continue to bless them and open doors that no man can shut. In JESUS' Name

 thanks to clip art pal for the vintage books clip art.

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