Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day !!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day,mom!
I also wanted to take a minute to say, Happy Mother's Day to every mom, what a blessing you are! A special Mother's Day hug to the single moms. I know it is hard sometimes & you don't have anyone to share the duties with, but GOD sees you. HE loves you so much! Those babies are only yours for a little while.  Today I was thinking about the fact that it is only 18 short years that they live with us. In most cases , anyway. I have cried many tears, but I love those kids. Ther has been many days that I took another step, because I have them. Oooh, thank GOD! HE trusts me enough to loan them to me. Wow. Darling GOD is with you. The pain is temporary. You are not alone. I understand what it feels like to be a single parent. I understand what it feels like to be with someone & still feel like a single parent. You Are Loved! 
GOD, I thank you for all the moms everywhere. Please wrap your arms around all the single, lonely, unappreciated , hurting moms. May they experience Your Presence anew.  Drench them all with Your Favor, Provision, Abundance and Love. May their every need be met. Oh, LORD, there are many women who are sad today because of  a decision they made, perhaps they felt like there wasn't any other way. They need to know how much You love them. They need to be reassured of Your forgiveness. Help them to understand Your Words. To know deep in their hearts, when You say something is finished, It Is Finished! For all of eternity. Heal them LORD. Give them, give us the strength to carry on. May we always seek to love & help those who struggle with abortion.  May The Love overflow for those who have experienced having to give their child up for adoption, having their child taken from them, the pain of a miscarriage and/or the disappointment of infertility. In JESUS' Name.  Amen.
Happy Mother's Day.
               Soar on ladies! May JESUS' love lift us past yesterday into the beautiful future HE has for us.
**thanks graphics fairy for the awesome hot air balloon!

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